Google Home Guide

Google Home Guide



Thank you for your purchase! This will guide you through the installation process. If you ever need any help throughout your installation, feel free to reach out to us at (417) 553-0504 or email us at We are here to help! 


It's important that you have went through the entirety of the pairing process (pairing remotes, verifying limits, and pairing the shades to the gateway) before you proceed with Google Home Integration!

This guide is assuming you have already set up your Google Home.
The screenshots on this guide are in dark mode - your screen may look slightly different.


STEP 1. Click the "+" button at the top left corner of the Google Home Home Screen.

STEP 2. Click "Set up Device". 

STEP 3. Click "Have something to already set up?"

STEP 4. Search for PowerShades and select it.

STEP 5. Login to your PowerShades Dashboard account.

STEP 6. Authorize Google to access your PowerShades account.

STEP 7. Select your PowerShade

STEP 8. Assign your PowerShades to a home.

STEP 9. Assign your PowerShades to a room. 
This does not affect the PowerShades Dashboard! This is solely for Google Home's automation.

STEP 10. Repeat until all PowerShades are assigned to a home and room!

Best Practices

Google Assistant's speech recognition will understand most phrases you can throw at it. The most important thing to note is that the "group" commands are NOT based off dashboard, they are based off the rooms they are assigned to within the Google Home app. 

Moving an Individual Shade

  1. Open Bedroom
  2. Open my Bedroom Shade
  3. Open my Bedroom Blinds
  4. Open / Close Bedroom to 25%

Moving a Group of Shades

  1. Open Office
  2. Open my Office Shades
  3. Open my Office Blinds
  4. Open / Close Office to 25%

General Commands

  1. Is my Office open?
  2. Close / Open all Shades
  3. Close / Open all Blinds

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